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Quality Training

Our facilitators & assessors are exceptional artisans who provide more than their knowledge & expertise of their trades - they impart life-skills & expose the learners to real-life situations that come only from working the trade every day.

Our well-equipped training facility accommodates 260 apprentices at any time; however, our preferred ratio is 13 apprentices to one facilitator. The reason for keeping our groups small is that our training is intensive.

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Trusted Methods

  • Our expertise is in providing business with practical training solutions that will effectively upskill & uplift artisans.
  • Our Learner Achievement Tracking System (LATS) ensures all documentation, record keeping & reporting of learner progress is up-to-date & on-hand for you to see at any time.
  • We adapt our training to suit your operational needs & production schedule. We even offer after-hours training.
  • Our one-on-one facilitation & guidance ensures our learners have access to quality time with our experienced facilitators.

Tracking Learner Success

  • Through our Learner Achievement Tracking System (LATS), we monitor learner achievements & continued professional development by managing all: facilitator accreditation & details; training events; learner educational history & current training interventions; certification process, learner log books & client information.
  • We provide regular one-on-one feedback with client & learners.
  • We celebrate learner achievements with a yearly awards ceremony.
  • We assist with Apprentice Contracts; & where workplace approval is required, we arrange MerSETA inspections on behalf of our clients.

Our Learners in Action

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