About us

We equip Artisans to succeed

We are a registered training provider focused on providing technical trade-specific skills assessments and training interventions.

Through our well equipped training facilities, we aim to elevate trades in the country by
ensuring only well-trained and certified tradesmen and women are practising in the field.

Our visions is to be the best artisan training facility renowned for adding value and offering the highest levels of training.

Technotrain is a member of the Sturrock and Robson Group, a privately-owned industrial group of businesses.

The group is a fourth generation family business that believes in strong corporate governance and is run by professional management.

The group’s success in cultivating and growing niche companies is based on a commitment to delivering value for customers; whether this is done by producing the highest quality products and services, gaining trust though reliability, or developing value-add solutions to address customer’s challenges.

Technotrain was born out of this philosophy. As a company operating in the industrial world, we needed access to skilled artisans, but could not find them. Due to this challenge, we developed an internal division to train artisans for our own business. This evolved into a solution for many other companies experiencing the same challenges as us. It is at this point that Technotrain became a fully-fledged Artisan Training Provider.


B-BBEE Rating


Group Companies

Our best solutions

  • Trade Apprenticeships91%
  • Learnerships79%
  • Trade Tests91%
  • Host Company Facilitation72%

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